Certified Promoters & Measurable Results

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Certified Promoters & Measurable Results

We create the right attention for your product! Successful promotion is the key to a strong result, by knowing the environment the promotions are held in.

All our staff is measured in terms of sales, and thus we prefer clear sales goals – so we know exactly how to match your needs. Our staff is highly trained, and should a client require a specific set of skills, we also offer additional training of our staff so that our staff is perfectly trained according to the client’s needs.

In retail, lost opportunities are expensive. Missing out on approaching customers in a professional way and creating good-will or informing them of new products/offers is an easily avoided mistake – and this is where Blond comes in.

When promoting a product we focus on:

  • Location; meeting the customers in their social environment.
  • Lifestyle; how to get the target group to identify to the brand.
  • Visibility; the ability to guide and inspire on location, and creating the right atmosphere in the spirit of the customer.
  • Respect; for the location and its customers.

Whether we are promoting a business, an event, a brand or a new product, we always represent our client the best way possible. The most important thing is that the promotion creates positive awareness and gives a good impression. Our main goal is to leave the consumer with a better impression of the brand than the consumer had before he or she met us.


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