Linking the right people with the right brand


Linking The Right People With The Right Brand

When it comes to event personnel, Blond is among the leading agencies in Denmark, and with +700 employees, one of the largest too.

Blond employees work on all dynamic surfaces both on trade and off trade. We have promotion- and sales teams, who are trained in personal selling and face-to-face canvas! Our employees are trained in sales techniques, and have broad experience in selling all kinds of products. We thoroughly brief our staff, so that our employees can sell with great conviction and understanding of the target group.

We want to maintain our high quality, and therefore we continuously train, motivate, and test our staff. Motivation, training, and commitment of our employees is ensured by general training sessions and pep talks.

We organize staff events where training of our employees is part of the agenda. We organize at least one staff event every other month in Copenhagen, and 1-2 staff events every third month in Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.



We collaborate with our clients, and together we organize events where hostesses are trained and tested in the various products. An example of this is when our team was lectured on a new smartphone, and afterwards had to make a presentation for the technical manager to show their understanding of the product.

During all of these events, the girls will be prepared for almost any job, and able to handle all types of situations. Our knowledge sharing “all-to-all” is also a good way for everyone to feel that they contribute, and making an effort for the team.

We use mystery shoppers to ensure that our employees constantly improve, so our employees also know that we – at all times – are looking at their working skills and improvements. They know that their effort will be evaluated after each job based on the client’s response, by mystery shoppers or by the Blond Management team.

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