Innovative ideas and implementable concepts

Idea & Concept Development

Innovative Ideas & Implementable Concepts

Ideas in the right dimension! Our long-standing experience in event marketing has given us a sure eye for what works – we create ideas that engages and commits. With a focus on communicating your corporate message, we develop experiences with content and an involving degree, which ensures that the story is retold.

Blond Thinking is our creative department. This is where our creative team develops great ideas and concepts for our clients. It’s where communication comes to live, and where campaigns and events are planned.

With a starting point in your business and your objectives, we are able to deliver professional solutions, which are used as a qualitative element of the company’s internal or external branding and communications.


The communicative experience is rooted in an understanding of the business segment and, in particular, the contact point’s experience related relevance in time and place. Our concepts are therefore always unique and individually created for your business needs. At the same time, our communicative processes and tools are well-rehearsed and polished through working with our clients. That’s what we call Blond thinking!

We believe that everything is possible, so don’t be afraid to ask us for a different or challenging task!

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