Who are we?

The agency

We do event marketing, create brand experiences and bring projects to lift with the right people.

Blond was founded in 2007 and initially started out as a promotion agency primarily covering events and activations in the on-trade. Having created great results for our customers in the on-trade, we took over activation in the off-trade as well as moving from solely being an event/activation agency into communication, more in depth brand building and idea creating projects as a creative partner.

Blond offers a wide range of brand building activities as an innovative and creative partner both in the on- and off trade, starting with the idea creation; execution and close follow up to meet activation and brand objectives.


Through our selected partners in Norway, Sweden and Finland, we also operate on a Nordic level, which increases flexibility in terms of activation campaigns and ensures a coherent brand message throughout the region for our customers.

Blond takes on increasingly challenging projects, and we continue to deliver at high expectations throughout all aspects of our projects.

Known amongst our customers for extreme flexibility, to-the-point executions and hands-on expertise we have become the preferred partner in our areas of expertise. We continue to build our brand and business by always delivering on our objectives.

Company philosophy

In order to increase value, not only for us but also our customers we wish to focus on working more in depth with fewer and larger customers. We consider this as being the most effective way to optimize corporation over time. We wish to enhance and strengthen our existing relations rather than acquiring new. We are a result driven agency, and therefore we seek to increase sales and/or awareness of the products we work with, while understanding the mechanics behind results, and being able to have comprehensive measurable results.

With our people as the most important asset, they are treated that way, and that ultimately reflects on our great results. We continuously educate our employees in order to maintain the high level of quality towards our customers. By the way we work with our employees, the objective is to make them ambassadors, not only for the Blond brand but also for our customers.

What makes Blond stand out among other agencies?

Among others, we have a very unique approach to our staff. We put much effort into our recruitment process and subsequent training in sales techniques, and in how to handle our customers’ customers. This has resulted in a large and powerful database – with a wide variety of girls (and boys), which has been built and sculpted and over the past four years. Therefore, we can always find the right profile for each job, both when it comes to appearance and special competence. We offer everything from sales activities, promotions, events, sampling, product management, branding, and creative idea and concept development. Our corporate philosophy has also helped us get closer to our common goal – to be the leading and preferred agency, within event marketing in Denmark.


  • Managing the different types of personnel using our database toolbox for segmentation
  • Based on our segmentation toolbox we build the most suitable teams to promote or sell specific brands
  • Ensuring consistent brand message and experience by using only pre-approved selected teams to activate your brand based on your initial briefing
  • Using only selected brand trained teams throughout the activation campaign (ensures that the correct brand message meets the end consumer)
  • Known for our flexibility and back-up options for last minute tasks
  • 24 hour hotline
  • Direct follow up with your customers
  • Check-up call prior to sampling activity
  • A pragmatic and hands-on approach to sampling and campaign activity
  • Creative idea creation that respects the limitations (we offer developments and ideas that can be implemented)
  • Because of our experience gained from our many years in the industry, we know what works, and therefore make an excellent creative partner
  • A complete 360 degrees event marketing agency

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