On trade activation



With ABSOLUT MODE EDITION, we want to go back to fashion as an art form. Back to the photographer, the stylist and the model. We want it to be exclusive, admired and inspiring – with a feel of luxury and beauty.

This campaign is a glimpse back in time to classic icons and photographers Richard Avedon and Irving Penn added a modern touch by working with the icons of the future.

ABSOLUT MODE EDITION is a tribute to fashion as an art form – it needs to inspire the consumers to play with fashion, be a part of fashion, and enjoy it.

Welcome to the world of ABSOLUT MODE EDITION.

The task was to launch the ABSOLUTE MODE EDITION bottle. We carefully selected 10 venues with the right target group to host the on trade activations. In order to succeed with the campaign on all platforms, we reached out to the target group on social medias as well. We made a collaboration with fashion bloggers, whose task was to blog about and market the event pre- and post activation. Further more we made a Facebook contest each night of the events, which increased the number of followers on ABSOLUT’s Facebook page as well. The result of the campaign was that sales numbers and brand awareness increased.