BETSAFE - MC's Fight Night

Sponsorship activation

BETSAFE – MC’s Fight Night

Sponsorship activation

Betsafe is one of the leading providers of online gaming in the world – with more than 450,000 customers from more than 100 different countries. Since its launch back in January 2006 Betsafe has established itself as one of the most trusted and popular companies in the online gaming industry.

Betsafe was the main sponsor at MC’s Fight Night 2014. The event was hosted at DR’s Koncertsal, and we were in charge of the sponsorship activation.

We did everything from the creative concept, the production, the execution, inside and outside decoration and was responsible for all materials and staff. There was live betting on the MC’s Fight Night battles, sign up boots, Betsafe VIP lounge for new and existing customers, free drink coupon with sign up, goodie bags, Betsafe hostesses, Betsafe press wall + photographer, flyers with commercials for live betting on all seats in the room, etc. The result was more sign up’s at Betsafe and increased brand awareness.