Playful and creative universe of parties for our staff


Blond Mansion

The Blond Mansion is our playful and creative universe of parties for our staff. Twice a year we host the big mansion parties, and we are responsible for everything from the theme, decoration, booking of artist, creative concept, invitations, sponsors, etc. ourselves.

Last time we transformed the nightclub into a haunted house, and hosted one of the biggest Halloween parties in Denmark this year. AOK wrote an article about our Halloween edition party. The party was sponsored by Smirnoff, Dennis Knudsen, e.l.f., Vitamin Well and Magasin.
In March we hosted another one of our Mansion parties – Candyland. Christopher came and performed and did an intimate concert for our personnel. Hotel Skt. Petri, Toni & Guy, Smartbox and Smirnoff were our sponsors for this event.

Our goal is to connect with our staff, and for our staff to connect with each other, for our employees to feel closer connected to the Blond Management brand and to make a lot of noise about who we are. But most importantly it’s about giving everyone a really great night, and have a lot of fun with it.