Celebrating 125+126+127+128 years


Irma – Celebrating 125+126+127+128 years

In contrast to all other supermarket chains, IRMA actually only celebrates their birthday once a year!

It all started with a small egg store at Ravnsborggade in 1886. Today, Irma has more than 80 stores spread throughout Zealand. Irma owns a good 80 stores primarily in the metropolitan area, and got a record profit of 78.5 million kroner before taxes in 2010.

She is an old gal, but she has been given a tremendous facelift and her expression in recent years is now young and city-smart. The past three years we have interpreted the supermarket chain’s well-known logo of Irma – the girl in the blue dress with the shopping cart under her arm   – and celebrated their 125+126+127+128 birthday.

Amongst others, there was a contest in which the winners will be given the possibility to “empty” an Irma store in 125 seconds. In addition to the competition, you could find 125 IRMA girls, followed by a singing choir and baristas. The IRMA girls were handing out fruit and free coffee. Another year it was about the IRMA chicken, another symbol for the chain, and you were supposed to find the chicken somewhere in Copenhagen. This was done in collaboration with a radio channel who reported about the new location each day before the birthday.

The goal is to share IRMA’s history and passion, increase the brand knowledge, and be visible throughout all of Copenhagen on the given day. So far, all four years  has been a great success and we are looking forward to celebrate IRMA once again.