Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Perfume wanted to create awareness about the pre-launch of the new Daisy Dream Forever fragrance during Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2015.

In addition to the event, a pop-up store was made in Magasin du Nord, Storkespringvandet (a famous landmark in Copenhagen) was decorated with flowers, and asphalt foils with Daisy flowers lead the way to the pop-up store. The overall aim was to create a lot of attention and attract the target group to the Daisy universe at the pop-up store, where the perfume was displayed and available to try.

The Daisy models jobs was to pass out 12.000 Daisy flowers to the target group, and invite them to participate in the online competition. The flowers were passed out every day through week 32. There were stickers on the flowers with hashtags to be used on Instagram, with a picture of the Daisy universe in order to participate in the competition.

In total 12.000 flowers and more than 14.000 business cards were sampled. More than 1.000.000 people were exposed to the campaign online and offline. On Instagram alone, 816.000 people were exposed to the campaign. The models definitly fulfilled there job, with twice as many hashtags on Instagram as last year.

All in all, the campaign surpassed last year’s campaign on all parameters, and our client was very satisfied with the event.

Make sure to watch our video of the event here!

Made in collaboration with Citrus Media